We’re an academic startup incubator that fosters idea formulation and the establishment of startups addressing current and future societal and industrial needs. With state of the art infrastructure, including advanced hardware and software labs, and co-working spaces, the incubator offers a platform for students, academia, and early-stage startups to embark on technology-based business ventures. Startups are granted access to the SUKHF's wealth of offerings — think workshops, experts, mentors, funding opportunities, and an invaluable community of like-minded peers — all curated to help them explore their ideas and accelerate idea growth and venture building.


1. Technical Mentorship
Patient and supportive technical mentors, always ready to provide guidance and constructive feedback, accompanies every startup at SUKHF. Strong technical background and experience in their relevant fields are their forte.

2. Industry Connect
Having a strong and vibrant network of industry connections benefits our startups, providing access to information, resources, and opportunities for growth and success. We've connections and relationships with key players in the industry, including suppliers, customers, competitors, regulators, and industry influencers. environment that helps startups thrive.

3. Infrastructure
An infrastructure that's flexible, scalable, and accessible, providing startups with the resources and support they need to succeed. It is designed to nurture collaboration and community, creating an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

4. Funding
Startup funding varies depending on the specific needs of the startup and at our end it's designed to support the long-term success and sustainability of the startup. It allows the startup to secure the right financing at the right time to support their growth and development.

5. Community
We have a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and experts that work together to help startups. It is dynamic, ever evolving to meet the changing needs of startups as they grow and develop.

6. Prototyping & GTM
With iterative and flexible prototyping, allowing for quick and efficient testing and refinement of the product design, the go-to-market (GTM) strategy is a must. The GTM strategies are based on a thorough understanding of the target market, competitive landscape, customer needs, which clearly communicates the value and benefits of the product or service to the target customers.


Guiding visionary leadership and

fostering entrepreneurial excellence.

Janab Zafar Javeed Sahab

Honorary Secretary,
Sultan-Ul-Uloom Education Society

Janab Masood Abdul Khader Sahab

Joint Secretary,
Sultan-Ul-Uloom Education Society


Empowering academic innovation.

Mr. Nisar Ahmed

Member, BoG
Sultan-Ul-Uloom Education Society

Mr. Syed Aamer Javeed

Member, BoG
Sultan-Ul-Uloom Education Society

Dr. Mahipal Singh Rawat

Muffakham Jah College of Engg. & Tech.

Prof. Anupama Koneru

Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy

Dr. Lakshmi Rawat

Amjad Ali Khan College of Business Administration


Driven by Passion to Build the Future

Dr. Mohd Abdul Muqeet

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mohd Abdul Awaiz

Incubation Center Assistant