Muffakham Jah College of Enginnering and Technology

Computer Science Engineering Department

1. Dr. Shabbeer Ahmed
Professor and Head
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Image Processing

2. Dr. Fahmina Taranum
Mobile Computing, Distributed Computing

3. Dr. Maniza Hijab
Associate Professor
Distributed Computing Environment

4. Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali
Associate Professor
Data Mining, Adhoc Network

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

1. Dr. Ayesha Naaz
Professor and Head
5G Communication Technology, Signal Processing

2. Mr. Muneeruddin
Assistant Professor
3-D Printing, IoT

3. Dr. Salma Fauzia
Sr. Asst Professor
Wireless Sensor Networks, healthcare IOT, Cyber security in Healthcare

4. Dr. M.A. Raheem
Assistant Prof.
3-D Printing, IoT

5. Ms. Maliha Naaz
Assistant Professor
VLSI Chip Design, IoT

Information Technology Department

1. Prof. Mousmi Ajay Chaurasia
Professor and Head
Natural Language Processing and Authorship Attribution

2. Dr. Rafi Uzaman
Associate Professor
Computer Networks, Database Systems

3. Dr. S. Fouzia Sayeedunnisa
Associate Professor
Text Analytics/Machine Learning

4. Dr. Asrar Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Cloud Computing, Computer Networks

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Department

1. Prof. Uma N Dulhare
Professor and Head
Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning

2. Dr. M. Upendra Kumar
Professor and Associate Hea
Secure Software Engineering

3. Ms. Ayesha Mariyam
Assistant Professor
Data Science, JAVA programming, R programming.

4. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khader
Assistant Professor
Web-based applications using PHP and MySQL.

Civil Engineering Department

1. Prof. Hamraj
Professor and Head
Urban Planning, Structural Engineering

2. Prof. Moinuddin Ahmed
Geotechnical Engg. and Structural Eng.

3. Dr. Qamar Sultana
Associate Professor
Water Purification Systems, Sedimentation, AI Techniques

4. Prof. Ram Mohan Rao
Urban Planning

Mechanical Engineering Department

1. Prof. Viquar Mohiuddin
Professor and Head
Additive Manufacturing, Electrical Vehicle Design

2. Prof. Ishrat M Mirzana
Professor, and Associate Head
Material Science, CAD-CAM, Robotics

3. Mr. Irfan Sadaq
Assistant Profesor
Renewable Energy Sources

4. Dr. G. Sailaja
Associate Professor
Structural Vibrations, UAVs

Electrical Engineering Department

1. Prof. Mohammed Haseeb Khan
Professor and Head
Electric Drives, Power Electronics Applications

2. Mr. J.E. Muralidhar
Associate Professor and Associate Head
Power Electronics Drives

3. Dr. Kakarla Mahammad Rafi
Assistant Professor
Solar Plant, Power Systems

4. Mr. G. Ravi Kiran
Assistant Professor
DGCA approved Drone Remote Pilot, Special machines, UAVs

Basic Sciences and Humanities

1. Dr. Md Abdul Majeed

2. Dr. Abdul Rawoof Sayeed
Associate Professor, Coordinator
Mathematics Department
Heat Transfer and Magnetohydro Dynamics

3. Dr.V.Shanthi
Associate Professor, and Coordinator Chemistry Dept.
Drug Design and Molecular Modeling (Healthcare)

4. Dr. Shaik Kareem Ahmed
Associate Professor and Coordinator
Physics Section
Material Science and Machine Learning

5. Dr. Gitasri Mukharjee
Professor and Coordinator
English Section
Translation Studies

Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy

1. Dr. N. Appala Raju,

Amjad Ali Khan College of Business Administration

1. Prof. Ms. Vinodhini

2. Ms. Rashida Shum
Assistant Professor

Gulam Ahmed College of Education

1. Ms. Noor ul Huda
Assistant Professor

2. Ms. Sana Fatima
Assistant Professor

Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Law

1. Mr. Khaja Hammaduddin,
Asst. Professor